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With the reopening of clubs across the country, there's no better way to spend your weekends than in a beer garden, sipping on your favorite pint. If you've started to enjoy the comforts of home, you may not be as keen to reserve a table that extends further than a sofa. This summer, if you'd instead go to the club or relax in your backyard, consider the possibility of bringing the bar into your own house.

Drinking your favorite beer is now easier than ever, thanks to beerwulf discount code nhs two beer-dispensing machines: The Sub or The Blade. The Sub is a space-saving addition to your house that allows you to enjoy excellent draught beer from across the world in the most convenient manner possible. You'll never have the wrong beer again at The Sub, thanks to the wide selection of Heineken, Amstel, La Chouffe, and a host of other great beers.

The Blade may be the perfect choice for beer connoisseurs looking for even more high-end and expertly brewed beverages. The Blade can hold 8 liters of fresh, brewed beer, making it easy to compete with your local tavern. If you'd like to organize a party after the lockdown and wow your family and friends, brush up on your hosting abilities and turn your house into the next hot spot. Plenty of beer for everyone in the family is stored in the Sub's 2-liter capacity. Beerwulf has something for everyone.


You may use kegs for any event, whether it's a post-lockdown get-together or simply because you're in love with beer. With beerwulf discount code nhs expansive selection, you'll never go out of your favorite beverage. A fresh keg is an easy way to keep everyone's mugs full during parties in the future or to make the most of your time with family when you're all together.

You can enjoy 5 liters of your favorite lager, beer, or IPA, directly from the container. Even if we spend more time at home, this is the perfect time to start stocking your kitchen with high-quality beer. If you're suffering from lockup blues, your best option is a sub or blade dispenser from Beerwulf Brewing. The best way to elevate your home beer drinking experience and learn how to make your concoctions is to dedicate an area of your house to the consumption of fine beer.

Each of the three- to four-pint kegs holds enough beer for a second sip, and the keg is stored for more than 15 days if you don't drink it all in one sitting. Blade kegs are a better option if you consider yourself more of a professional or if you're in a group of beer connoisseurs. With the kegs of Heineken, Affligem, Affligem, and Tiger, you'll receive a genuine pub-quality drinking experience that'll make it hard to remember that you're in your own house.


Beerwulf is the area to go if you're a beer connoisseur. If you're looking for great beer, Beerwulf is the place to go online. They have over 600 different beers and taps and kegs at great pricing. Beerwulf offers everything you need for the ideal present, post-lockdown reunions, or if you can't stay overnight without your drink of choice. To obtain everything you need, check out our selection of mixed beer cases.

A sampling of beerwulf promo codes most popular beers and brews from the UK's local brewers or a trip over the Channel to Belgium and Brussels are included in this collection. Alternatively, if you're not feeling particularly adventurous or realize where your flavors are loyal, you can cater for less with excellent deals on Value Beer Cases. As a fan of prominent brews like Lagunitas or Beavertown, a bulk case of these brews is sure to delight individuals who enjoy the taste of these beers. Value beer cases, which come in packs of 24, are ideal for keeping the family's fridge supplied so that no one loses out on the enjoyment.

Bottles and cans are a great way to taste various flavors without going overboard. Everybody has their favorite, and you can always try something new to spice up the Friday nights much more. Drink your beer in style with the help of some Beerwulf beer glasses. With the right glass, you'll be able to savor your drink even more.


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