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We all have memories of our first two-wheeled vehicle. When the tires finally wear out, you'll have that first taste of freedom that only wheels can provide. First, they must learn how to ride a bike, a rite of passage. Halfords kid's bikes can help you and your children experience the thrill of their first ride together.

A new bike can be intimidating, especially when there are so many options to select from. Hopefully, this quick guide will make it easier for you to get the correct bike for your child and ensure they get the most enjoyment out of it.

All-Weather Bikes Even though balance bikes don't have pedals, they are the first step babies can take toward pedals. With their feet, they can become acclimated to traveling at high speeds and making sharp turns without thinking about pedaling at all. They're an excellent method to get started cycling and brush up on the fundamentals.

Bicycles with Stabilizers Stabilizers are commonly used as a beginner's learning method to ride a bike. They can better regulate their balance and keep the bike upright with the stabilizers. They're designed for youngsters ages 3 to 6 and provide an extra safety net for them to practice pedaling and balancing.

Small-Bicycles It's time for junior bikes once they've graduated from stabilizers and you've experienced that symbolic parenting moment. By the time they are eight years old, most children are ready for these and use them until they are ready for a full-size bike.

Learn more about the various sizes of children's bikes by checking out our comprehensive guide. And whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned skate park shredder, you can save money on your next bike purchase with halfords coupon codes


Long road journeys in the UK are a terrific way to enjoy the great British summer if you don't want to risk your passport. In the backseat of your automobile, you're thinking, "Are we there yet?" every 10 minutes. Halfords has enough devices to keep the kids quiet if you're traveling from Penzance to Scotland.

Even while we all agree that children's screen time is kept to a minimum, a two-hour traffic jam might be the perfect exception. You can keep the animations coming while you avoid getting lost, thanks to Nextbase's collection of in-car DVD players. They start at £69 and come in two sizes, 9" and 7," but if you've got two tiny Gruffalo lovers, the dual pack is the best deal.

While driving to a faraway beach, Alexa-enabled devices can entertain the whole family. Your house SMART speaker system is now available in your car for the first time, thanks to the Amazon Echo Auto. Using this will allow you to play music, games, audio books and get real-time traffic information while driving. However, if you'd like to converse with Alexa's calming tone, you're not restricted to using only Amazon items. There is a slew of vehicle stereos with built-in Alexa and apps that enable you to access the internet while driving. Driving with them means you can keep the Cocomelon flowing for as long as your sanity will allow you to.


When it comes to children in the United Kingdom, it is illegal to ride in an unsafe vehicle unless they are at least 12 years old or shorter than 135 centimeters tall. It's easy to become overwhelmed when you're trying to find the proper seat for transporting your most precious cargo.

Rear-facing baby car seats for newborns to 12 months, weighing 0-13 kilograms, are necessary because they protect the baby's neck from the sudden slowing that can occur in a moving vehicle. You may typically get these as part of a travel set, and they're the most compact car seats.

Toddler Car Seat Category 0+/1- Toddler seats are available for children weighing 0-18kg and can be used from birth until age four. Many of these seats face the back. These car seats are permanently attached to the backseats of your vehicle and cannot be removed.

Groups 1, 2, and 3 of child car seats are designed to accommodate children from 1 to 12 years of age. As a result, the weight range of 9-36kg includes a wide variety of options for you and your child. Even though they appear to be the most cost-effective alternative, age-neutral seats offer less protection than age-specific seats.


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Follow our recommendations and save money on all things auto and bike at Halfords.

  •         The Boxing Day deal may save you money on a bike and car parts. This is a wonderful time to stock up on anything from cars to tools before 2022.
  •         Get your car and tires ready for the fall driving season. Free bike tune-ups are given to ensure smooth riding. They'll examine your wheels and make sure they're safe to drive on, so no unexpected bills.
  •         A Transaction Card is useful in a trade. It provides up to 50% off car parts, tools, and more from some of the industry's biggest names. The price match promise and a vast selection of quality parts come with membership. It saves me time and money every time.
  •         We all want to save money. It's remarkable how minor details can make a big difference. Use mobile fixtures. Their experts can install your new parts or tires on your driveway or in your office parking lot. It works around your schedule to free you of automobile upkeep.


While Halfords does not presently provide a student discount, there are always ways to save. Before you buy anything, visit the NHS DISCOUNT CODES webpage to ensure you're getting the greatest bargain.



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